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Long Vision Hospitality (LVH) envisions, impregnates and amalgamates fresh ideas, bright thinking and elegant applications in the field of hospitality. At LVH, it’s all about customer centric approach, quality, transparency & professionalism following the emerging trends. We are passionate on moving ahead towards improved curve of the hospitality services at all our esteemed members envisage.

Team Long Vision Hospitality is a group of young, experienced, hardworking, energetic and dynamic brains with zeal to excel, drive to create identity in all fraternity, ability to create memoire to cherish for and souvenir out of any expedition.

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Long Vision Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. which is part of Hospitality & Leisure Division Group along with the grand project namely Long Vision Hotels & Resorts Ltd. The Directors are ambitious foray of the hospitality industry. This resonates in the mission & vision statement which emphasizes on the dire need to revolutionize the vacation ownership industry & emerge as the most trusted brand by following the business principles of ensuring credibility, transparency & simplified product features thereby creating ease of use & a high value proposition for the customer, all of which should eventually lead to the much required pull & a complete departure from the conventional timeshare businesses.

We created the membership with the user’s perspective in mind; keeping it simple so that users can focus on creating an amazing holiday experience with us. We designed one of the finest, full-featured and commission – free holidays, allowing vacation owners to plan their holidays according to their requirement.

Today, we’re proud to empower individual around the world. Everyone deserves a great holiday and we’re excited to see where you plan your next holiday with us. We have an association with over 110 hotels/resorts at some of the most exotic locations in India and abroad. Our massive network consists of social clubs in urban hotspot, city-centric luxurious hotels, serene wellness rejuvenated hubs, beachfront resorts, hilltop vacation homes, wildlife jungle lodges and water amusement parks. Also the network frequently organizes various mice products like destination weddings, conferences, seminars etc.

As part of our leadership team, the company has hired the best in the industry that are relentlessly pursuing the Company’s vision into creating a business model with an objective to eliminate deficiencies in the conventional timeshare product. The lean organizational structure, low levels of people dependency yet high levels of people orientation & the need to manage scale with technology at its core, forms the foundation for the company at the helm of which is professionals with undisputed repute and an immensely successful track record.

We are a fast moving, performance- based, goal oriented organization, where passionate, competent and focused individuals are given the tools, guidance and techniques to make a difference in synchronization with our tag line “The Lap of Luxury “



To provide our esteemed members with best quality, useful, fun filled vacation & enable them with all our technical & analytical insight with optimal usage of guests’ resources through the best & hassles free holiday which steers the path of joyful vacation.


Sustain Long Vision Hospitality as one of the most valuable leaders in the field of hospitality and time share through world class services at unmatched properties and performance by providing affordable and unforgettable holiday creating growth value for our esteemed members.



Long Vision Hospitality gives peace of mind as far as luxurious vacation at most competitive price and easy option of availability are concerned. Had a good hassle free vacation. Good for family and friends outing. Recommend LVH Membership to all those who wish to have a quality vacation at very limited budget.


At LVH, it is our constant endeavors to strive for the best and to ensure that we provide the best, with the best, for the best a stimulating environment for the best to thrive.